Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Tooth Fairy This Time

For the past month Dani has been complaining about her wisdom teeth and how they have been aching and hurting. If anybody knows my family and my background you know that we are not the sympathetic type. So to show my sympathy I told her to tough it out and deal with it. Last Sunday, they started bothering her again, so I finally gave in and told her to make an appointment as soon as possible. So on Friday we went in and POOF they were gone. Dr. Scott Grant and his staff did a fantastic job and made her feel as comfortable as possible. The past few days I have taken off work to take care of her and I am happy to report that she is doing well and recovering quickly. She is still in pain but has been a trooper through the whole process; she even came to my company Christmas party last night. She is still a little swollen from the surgery but my little Dano looks as good as ever. Being by her side these last few days have made me love her even more. Feel better Dani; I Love You.
Dani's wisdom teeth, I was going to give them to her for a gift for Christmas, but she insisted she wanted to see them. The tooth fairy didn't visit us this time.
My little Puffer Fish!!!
She has done such a great job taking care of herself, and keeping the swelling down.
SEE she is still as cute as ever. Look at the face!!!


  1. Dano, not many people could look so cute with puffa puffa fat cheeks! I am glad that Ryan has been taking good care of you. Way to be a tough gal. (Just know that you always have a sympathetic softy here for you.)

  2. Thanks Ryan for taking care of my Dingaloe a doe doe. It is good knowing that another man can do that. I just want to grab those cheeks of hers and squeeze them!!!


  3. Well if this is only the cutest things I've ever seen! Dani, you got a keeper. Obviously :)

  4. Poor little thing! Can't wait to co me see that swollen face next week! Well it probably won't be swollen still haha!


  5. Dani, you just can't pull off ugly, let's be honest. You're adorable! Have I mentioned that I love all your super cute christmas headers? They rock. And Kevin heard from a friend at work (yea, I know) that Ryan was at the same Jazz game last weekend. True?