Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hasta La Vista 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party 2010

 Ry and I hosted a fabulous Christmas party tonight! We are so happy with how everything turned out. It was such a blast! All the cleaning and hard work we put forth really paid off! We figured it would be best to move the beast into the guest bedroom. I thought I could handle moving it myself. Those things are freaking heavy! And trying to get it into the tiny doorway was quite a challenge. I think we both decided we'll keep it in there for a while : )
 SO much more room without it in there! And the cleaning is all done! I love that feeling!
 Mom's cupcakes were definitely a hit! Just like ALWAYS! Thanks again mom, for making those!
 You can't have a Christmas party without andee's chip mint cookies! Also, a hit.
 Peppermint bark, definitely a must!
 I sure love him to pieces.
 Duh the Grinch should be played at EVERY Christmas party! I must say, Stephen and I were such good quoters, I was very impressed with his skills. He's almost better than I am at quoting this movie.
 Camber and her beau Glenn (aka Andrew) the picture above are Andrews shoes that he bought just yesterday. He clumsily spilt hawaiian punch on them. So we shot some shout on there and let them soak. Sidnee LUCKILY had a tide pen in her purse so we tried that...nada. I was brilliant and decided to soak them in bleach. IT WORKED! Sidnee scrub, scrub, scrubbed and they looked brand new again. BUT THEN, we made the mistake by putting them in the dryer and it burned them. Sorry about your new shoes Andrew.
 Sidnee and Stephen- the party would not have been the same without you 2 : )
 Patrick and Kelsey- they will be getting married in 13 days!
 Kathryn and Anthony- our good friends!
Katie and Kevin- soon to be married!
 Christine and Mitch : )
 Us ♥
 Sarah and Chad- those love birds. VERY newlyweds.
 The Introductions were the best part! Everyone had to say their names, how their and their spouse/boyfriend/fiance met, what they were doing (working, going to school) and if they were to die, what A-list celebrity would they choose for their spouse to marry! Everyone was too nice to each other.
Then we played the "White Elephant Gift Exchange" SO fun! There was such a huge variety of gifts that everyone brought. It was such a fun time. We ended up with an etch-eh-sketch (sp??) and a shake weight! haha!
 Cute Stephen...this couple is hillarious, we love you guys!
 I am IN LOVE with his smile...and he is IN LOVE with that dish!
 Oh yeah baby! Work it!
 Comparing preggo stomachs. So?
 I seriously look pregnant, not that I'm ashamed, I look cute!
 Haha! Either something was put into the drink or we just ate too much!
 Such a fun party, nice work babe! We done gooooood.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Tooth Fairy This Time

For the past month Dani has been complaining about her wisdom teeth and how they have been aching and hurting. If anybody knows my family and my background you know that we are not the sympathetic type. So to show my sympathy I told her to tough it out and deal with it. Last Sunday, they started bothering her again, so I finally gave in and told her to make an appointment as soon as possible. So on Friday we went in and POOF they were gone. Dr. Scott Grant and his staff did a fantastic job and made her feel as comfortable as possible. The past few days I have taken off work to take care of her and I am happy to report that she is doing well and recovering quickly. She is still in pain but has been a trooper through the whole process; she even came to my company Christmas party last night. She is still a little swollen from the surgery but my little Dano looks as good as ever. Being by her side these last few days have made me love her even more. Feel better Dani; I Love You.
Dani's wisdom teeth, I was going to give them to her for a gift for Christmas, but she insisted she wanted to see them. The tooth fairy didn't visit us this time.
My little Puffer Fish!!!
She has done such a great job taking care of herself, and keeping the swelling down.
SEE she is still as cute as ever. Look at the face!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Botanical Gardens...our first exerience

 We had such a great time last night! Our friends Sidnee and Stephen invited us out to the Botanical Gardens. Our other friends Anthony and Kathryn also came! The lights were fun to see but the best part was the company! We had a ton of good laughs. Most nights Ry and I get home from work and we are dead tired so we stay inside. Mostly every weekend we have date night but it was fun to get out with more friends and do something a little different for a change! Friends are great! (Especially when they are all about a foot taller than me! I'm use to that by now.)
Me and my husband on the cute swing! We really love each other
 It was FREEZING! so the hot cocoa helped a lot!
 Ry was amazed by how close the cross on top of Table Rock hill was! It was a lot closer in person. I promise!
Sacajawea was nice enough to let me pose on her shoulders, Sidnee is behind me holding me up by my bum, and i kinda liked it too! My poor boots : ( thanks Kathryn for letting me use your blow dryer.
The gorgeous view! The pic does no justice whatsoever. Fun night friends, thanks!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Christmas

 Ry and I have had so much fun together these last couple months of marriage. I have definitely been looking forward to getting our own Christmas tree together and decorating it. It was so much fun! We also love being goofy together in Hobby Lobby...

 Ryan's mom made our tree skirt! Not even knowing what colors we were using, it works perfectly and we absolutely love it! Thanks Nancy!!
 TADA!! I am so proud of our tree! I definitely have to give some of the credit to my mother. Those who know her, know that she has the most beautiful Christmas tree and nat for decorating! Thanks mom for teaching me how to make a tree so beautiful!